Thursday, January 21, 2010

4-Corner's Menu - local food!

Local-food & good looks, what more could you want? We're working on a website & blog for the 4-Corners Food & Spirits...stay tuned!

Click on menu pics to view.

For reservations or information call (715)765-4415

Restaurant hours:
Weekdays: noon-9pm
Saturday: 8-noon; 4-9pm
Sunday: 8-noon; 4-9pm

Christmas/New Year's letter 2009/2010

Friday, October 23, 2009

PS. Exploring blog info for the Four-Corners, so ignore the "about me" section for the immediate future.

Fall rain & Happy Halloween!

Well, I guess I've been a bit slow on the draw keeping this up, eh? I'll have to post some more pics from the past few months on the photo link. This is the 3rd (or was it 4th) weekend of incredibly dreary weather! So far, today, the snow has held off, but the powers-that-be are forecasting 3-5 inches of snow tonight. Hoping to get the potatoes out of the garden and have a party with the remaining and all.

Since my last, Dave's 4-Corners Restaurant is open and things have become more hectic than usual as a result. All in all, it's going well - food looks great - still promoting "local" food and sticking to a limited menu until we get more settled. Hunting season is right around the corner with Christmas parties imminent.

This summer, Zach (Jeff's son) was married to Melody - mom and dad came out to attend. Also, several friends from the 4-corners celebrated new lives together. Elizabeth is doing well, but still oh, so far away, in Washington. I'll ask her if it's OK to post some of her baby pics. Her son is really cute - just over a year nowadays.

Phenology: juncos are swarming the area, robins and thrushes are busily eating Black cherries from my hedge, regular customers include Hairy woodpecker, Pileated (Casa loves to chase him), and various songbirds. Lately, cluster flies have been horribly numerous and Myrtle warblers are clinging on the window sill trying to consume the many in-door flies. I'd like to invite them inside to finish the job! Tamarack are about all that have much color left, but they are glowing like candles in forests of light and dark mixed with black spruce. My little Oak is still holding on to a few deep maroon leaves, too.

Guess that's about it until I can upload some pictures. Happy Halloween - one of my favorite holidays!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Weed-eaters needed...

So, not having a working lawn mower has prompted a new fencing project and a new approach. Unfortunately, the new lawn mowers do not prefer weeds - most of my lawn is predominated with them - and the weeds approve. They did love the dandelions, but are not so keen on daisies, dock, plaintain, and knapweed. Here they are with the last of the hay. Check out Cirrus pushing 580...three little pigs!!

Not much time between the time peonies come out and the first windy day, so now my yard and fridge are decorated with deep red posies. So the past weekend was a glorious fourth of July with deeply blue skies and a surprising lack of insect life. The garden has been re-planted, since everything in it just sat there for about 3 weeks! We've had first peas, broccoli, lettuce, and radishes. Should have put them on this post, as they were an even more vibrant shade of incadescent pink. WOW. Other phenology: bluebirds have successfully nested, 2 pairs of house wrens (a first I'm liking, albeit they are noisy little fellows), first fawn was photographed in the field 3 weeks ago or so, raspberries are blooming, so bears will be due in a few weeks. Strawberries at Saxon Berry Farm are reported to be on the tail end, so I'll have another goal for this weekend.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spring at last?

Yeah! Our first 80 degree day and a howling wind to go along. The spring cherries are blooming in the woods, red maples are blushing with color, and oaks are pinkish green. Last week all those popples brought on the first real color for months! The horses and fire control guys are happy - horses because the wind will keep those black flies at bay and foresters love the excitement of "fire season" and the overtime it may promise.
The garden is all ready for the memorial day weekend and, perhaps the kayak and fishing pole will follow suit.
On the job front, the Wisconsin budget deficit is currently defined as 6.7 billion, but we are hopeful that our Basin Education program will survive to see another 2 years. Likely all state employees will take furlough - currently looking like 16 days required. I think I can make use of that time off - maybe putting the garden to bed or other pursuits that always sneak up on you?
So, it's a perfect spring day and here's the current phenology report: Birds this week-lots of Rose-breasted grosbeaks competing at the feeder, new sightings include indigo bunting & house wren. Tons of white throated sparrows (poor sam peabody,peabody, peabody), woodcocks are peenting every evening, and warblers are EVERYWHERE! Frogs are all chorusing with predominant chorus frogs (ascending call) and now more and more eastern grey tree frogs. Wildflowers blooming include wood anenome, dutchman's breeches, trillium, trout lily, and many others depending on what forest habitat you pick. My PMJ rhododendron are really pretty this year and myrtle is blossoming. Mom's huge jack in the pulpits are just coming up on the east side of the house. Hope this post finds you all well & enjoying your respective spring/early summer!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Coffee cafe en Florida?

Well, if anyone was worried about health department standards and dog hair, here's a real creative observer... 60-70's here in urban Vero Beach, but mom & dad are enjoying our time together (we think). They're going to give me the evil eye for running off to send an email before 9pm tonite too, but we're going paddling near Sebastian Inlet (Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge) tomorrow. Here's a happy pic:

Stay warm